Mommies Reviews - FlipStir Puzzle - Valentine's Gift Guide

Mommies Reviews - FlipStir Puzzle - Valentine's Gift Guide

Now that Christmas is over and we have moved into a New Year. I wanted to remind everyone of one of the items we received for this years #HGG as it would also be a perfect fit for this years Valentines Day Guide. So before I share my thoughts with you I would like to let you know I was sent a FlipStir Puzzle for a spot in last years #HGG Sponsor Spotlight for FlipStir Puzzle. But even though we received a FlipStir puzzle the thought in the review is all mine and my families.

One of the things we learned about when we was taking Charlie to the counselor and they told us Charlie has ADHD. is that Board Games and Puzzles will help keep Charlie calmer and more focused. So as soon as I sawFlipStir I knew it would be something that would help Charlie with both of these task. So once we opened FlipStirand I showed Charlie and David how it worked they had so much fun trying to put it together., that we ended up laughing and laughing and I am so surprised the neighbors didn’t hear us.

So when we decided we wanted to go see my dad FlipStir puzzle was one of the first things Charlie packed as he said he could play with it in the car and wouldn’t lose the pieces. Plus he wanted to share it with my brother and my dad. As he thought they would enjoy it just as much as Charlie and I did.

But we wasn’t able to go to my dad’s as the Weather turned bad. So we have just been putting FlipStir puzzle together at night as we watch TV. And with Valentines right around the corner I want to get Charlie a couple moreFlipStir puzzles. And I am also thinking I may get David one as well.

So last week we was studying Dinosaurs in school and I asked Charlie to help me find items with Dinosaurs on it and the first thing he brought me was the FlipStir puzzle. So I asked Charlie how we could use it in school and he said for math as we could see how long it takes to put the FlipStip puzzle together. And have a contest to see who was the fastest and add and subtract the time.

And we could use the paper that comes with the FlipStir puzzle for reading and also Language Arts as we could write the facts from the paper that came inside the FlipStir puzzle container. And we could also use some of the words for a Spelling Test.

And I asked Charlie if he thought of anything else he could do with the FlipStir puzzle and Charlie says we could use it in Art as we could draw the Dinosaur and write a story about it. And also add more items to the picture and even turn it into a collage.

So I was worried that if we used our FlipStir puzzle for school that Charlie would get tired of it and not want to play it again but that wasn’t the case and he is always working the FlipStir puzzle. And he enjoys sharing it with his friends and family. So I am Proud to say I can not wait to purchase other FlipStir puzzles as I know we will be able to use them in so many ways. And that FlipStir puzzles make wonderful and unique Gifts.

So as you are out and about looking for Valentines Gifts for those on your Gift Giving List or just because you want to give someone a “I Am Thinking Of You Gift” I hope you take the time to check out FlipStir Puzzles. As they can be used not only as a game that anyone can play. Especially on Family Game Night. But also as a learning tool.