Elizabeth Reeve - #ShakeStirSolve for the Family

Elizabeth Reeve - #ShakeStirSolve for the Family


This puzzle is different to say the least. To be honest the first time I tried to do it I got frustrated wondered how kids would do with it and put it down. Then after watching my children attempt it, I decided I couldn't let it win and I tried again. I think this is the first time in my lifetime that when I completed a puzzle I felt accomplished. Yes I get it, all these feelings sound extreme because it's "just" a puzzle.

The truth is, it's not a normal puzzle. This puzzle is contained within a plastic cylinder. So how do you put it together you ask? You have to shake it, and stir it. You have a little metal grabber that you use to maneuver all the pieces around. Sure that may sound easy until you try it. As your stacking the pieces you find it gets more difficult to flip the pieces around they way they need to be. I probably spent 10 minutes on the top piece it's self because it was upside down. It would have been tons easier if the cylinder was a little larger. Truth is though it would have made it less entertaining that way.

I always like a challenge, and was shocked which of my kids took it on. My oldest typically gives up easy and my son normally won't let something beat him. In this case it was the opposite. My kids liked it enough that my 6th grader took it to school for several days, I was concerned I wouldn't see it again. Then I had to promise my 7 year old he could take it to school after I reviewed. I am happy to say I did complete it because the route they are going with this puzzle I am doubting I will see it again after tomorrow lol. But hey that just means they like it.

I highly recommend checking these flip stir puzzles out, even my husband played with it and that says something.

I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased review all words are my own.