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"The FlipStir can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike and is great to take along in a car or airplane!"

"Personally I really liked playing with the puzzles.  I thought I would have a really hard time, and I was worried that I’d be frustrated, but I wasn’t.  Truthfully I wanted to play with them again as soon as I was done solving the puzzles!"

"It's small enough to fit in a tote bag or backpack and has no removable parts.  Plus it's made in the USA!"

"FlipStir is a brilliant new toy on the market that is suitable for "kids" of any age, it's unique design and fun graphics deserve two thumbs up!"

"FlipStir is a unique puzzle that allows kids to use their hands while being focused and patient. When a child starts, they want to finish. Kids love to watch others try to put it together in the fastest time. Adults love it too! I recommend the product for any child 8 and up."

"A great toy - I gave a few as Christmas presents in 2013, and they were a big hit at a large family gathering -- passed from hand to hand, among all ages. Very hard to resist -- and no lost pieces!   More popular with tweens/teens than the new video games.  Six months later, they still get a lot of attention, and I have had requests for a "harder" version."


"I purchased a few for Christmas gifts in 2013 for 3-4 families and everyone loved them. Matter of fact I was visiting one of the families last week and they had their FlipStir out on their coffee table and we all played and timed each other after dinner."

"I purchased FlipStir puzzles for our granddaughters ages 7 and 9, who were happily captivated by them! I was so impressed by the way FlipStir stimulates and engages the brain that I also bought them for my mother and father-in-law, both of whom are in their 80s. This is a multi-generational toy."

"Our FlipStirs arrived in the mail, and there was an immediate interest shown by the whole family—children (9 and 7 years) and adults alike.  We started timing each other to see who could solve the puzzle the fastest.  Finished puzzles were jealously guarded, only to be shaken and stirred once again! It has been fun for the entire family to solve.

"Our oldest child (9) has struggled with fine motor skill issues, and for a time was seeing a physical therapist. Watching her play with this for extended periods of time, I’m struck by what an excellent therapy tool this would be for strengthening pincer grasp and encouraging hand-eye coordination practice. I wish we would have had this for her 4 years ago, and I’m so glad we have it now!"

"It's a little daunting at first, but very doable. And then you feel accomplished."

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